My Journey - the old, the blue and the rusty- Part 1

It all started a couple of years back when i was still at the university. I was in a bad place and almost everything was falling apart, from my grades down to my personal life. In pursuit of solace, i went on to start living temporarily with a very good friend of mine, Diwey banks, in a bid to create a diversion. In his living room,he had this old, blue,rusty, three-stringed guitar that had been abandoned for quite a while. I had seen it just lay there a couple of times but was never really motivated to pick it up since i had zero interest and skill at that point regarding anything to do with music.

Well, i was all alone one evening at the apartment and there was a power outage on the entire grid supplying electricity to the entire vicinity. It would interest you to know that we do have frequent epileptic power outages in my country, so we are left without power for a few hours or more. It all turned into a pitch-black night pretty quickly and making a move to turn on the backup generator at that point sounded like a lame idea. The sound of the generator would have been horrible and i had no plans to further immerse myself into anything that was showing on TV. I activated the torchlight app on my phone in order to illuminate the room ,and there it was, the guitar that nobody noticed. So i took a stab at it and held it for the first time. It felt so good. That baby was a 6-string guitar that had lost 3 of its strings already but it was still pretty and so out of tune. I picked the strings of the guitar without much life in my fingers and there was something magical about that acoustic sound that calmed my nerves down and made me feel that everything was going to be OK. I kept on picking the strings in every manner i could possibly express and it produced different styles of sound that lit me up like a candle.

I became so untroubled just by hearing the sound of those strings. And then it happened! The power of music took control of my hands and with electric ferocity I started jamming so wildly that sparks were shooting out of my burning fingertips... hehehe.. * the last sentence was a bit, you know..go figure*