LUCKYSINGS - Live in MusicLab Brno


Hey people, LuckySings is the band committed to making you smile, laugh, cry and feel that musical eargasm as we take you on a journey, every time we hit that stage. A black singer, Lucky, who has fallen in love with this city over the past four years is the face. A charismatic pianist , Jakub Res, with a beautiful musical mind is the base and a rock star guitarist, Reinaldo Lopez  holding down those amazing riffs.

We try our best to make live music performances sound better than the studio version of it.

We will be playing a couple of original songs and some popular covers. Just FYI, my Czech is flawless,  like a damn local ??. When you hear us play, you might burst into tears, you might get goosebumps from the velvety vocals and backing piano sound, maybe crack a smile, dance, kiss a total stranger, even a bit of drunken laughter is certain. With a little bit of alcohol in your system, our music starts to sound better. A little mix of pivo and music never killed anybody. Be there or be Squared!