LuckySings – New CD Release Roadside Vagabond


The key song of the album has got the same name, and it serves as a testament of the changes the artist has gone through while being away from Mother Africa. “Before, I always feared what people would think about my music and me being obese.” Now, the singer is fully coming out of his shell. He is not holding back anymore and he is striking with everything he has. With a newfound confidence, he sings his soul out; masterfully switching between multiple genres that are close to his African heart. From Afro pop to Jazz, R&B and Reggae, his songs reach out to even the most colorful audiences. A variety of raw emotions can be heard in every note, recreating the album into Lucky’s personal diary, opened to everyone who wants to read it. Roadside Vagabond touches some sensitive topics in a creative and funny way. The album wants to captivate, amaze, and evoke joy, while making the audience wonder. And, most importantly – inspire and liberate (voc; keys; g; b; dr).

Admission seating CZK 300, standing CZK 200. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

Tickets available at

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LuckySings v Jazz Baru U Kourícího Kralíka


This picture contains a thousand words. Huge appreciation for everyone who bought tickets to see my first pre- album concert! Y'all got me so emotional
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Koncert ve tme 2019/Rotaract Club Brno Charity Event


It was an honor raising money for Nadacní fond SPOLU NA DRAKA via an event organized by Rotaract Club Brno. It was one of the most rewarding and challenging concert of my career as we played in complete darkness.
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Kuležák, LuckySings a SkAunk na Melodce!


Kuležák's album launch. We rocked it too!!

#Latepost #amazingconcert #MelodkaKlubBrno

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Madfinger feat. LuckySings (CZ/Nigeria)| JAZZDOCK Prague


#LatePost #Rocked it
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Late post/ Starobrno Free Night : LuckySings, Alright, On the Roof


On 07.07.2018, scheduled as the last band of the night , we made sure to turn up the heat and deliver an amazing performance. The audience was electrifying and our hearts were glad. Thank you, Melodka. Playing there was great for us! Looking forward to the next time on that stage.
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Late post/ LuckySings/ SimplePhony live at Stara Pekarna


Jun 4th, 2018, we rocked Stara Pekarna with another band and there wasn't a dull moment that evening. We can't wait to be back there again in Winter. Moc Dekuji!!
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Late post/A Pop, Soul, R&B & Folk NIght w/ Meijla Matousek and LuckySings


May 6th, 2018, all the way to Prague, we had the amazing pleasure of playing alongside Meijla Matousek at Vagon Klub. It was an eventful night. Huge appreciation to my band mates, the audience and our host. See you guys again soon.
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Late post/ St. Valentine's Party in Domeq 2018


Feb.14 , 2018 was a celebration of love as Foreigners Brno invited us to entertain a lovely group of people. Let's just say love was in the air and every one was happy. See ya next year.
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Late post/ LuckySings & Skandal


On Oct 29th, 2017, we had the pleasure of performing with an acapella group, Skandal, from Prague  at Kulturní fara - Kafara in Brno. It was amazing. Thank you guys.
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Musical explosion


Musical explosion

Join us on 29.03.2018 at Club Alterna Brno!

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LUCKYSINGS - Live in MusicLab Brno


Hey people, LuckySings is the band committed to making you smile, laugh, cry and feel that musical eargasm as we take you on a journey, every time we hit that stage. A black singer, Lucky, who has fallen in love with this city over the past four years is the face. A charismatic pianist , Jakub Res, with a beautiful musical mind is the base and a rock star guitarist, Reinaldo Lopez  holding down those amazing riffs.

We try our best to make live music performances sound better than the studio version of it.

We will be playing a couple of original songs and some popular covers. Just FYI, my Czech is flawless,  like a damn local ??. When you hear us play, you might burst into tears, you might get goosebumps from the velvety vocals and backing piano sound, maybe crack a smile, dance, kiss a total stranger, even a bit of drunken laughter is certain. With a little bit of alcohol in your system, our music starts to sound better. A little mix of pivo and music never killed anybody. Be there or be Squared!

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Ne_Nuda v Brne



Vážení tkalci a Vám....možná asi chtel ríct, že s mými kamarády (Marek, Jakub a tajný host, který bude odhalen na konci, jen pro ty, kterí to s námi vydrží celé dve hodiny) vlastne zahrajeme, snad pobavíme a porazíme dávný a nesmyslný mýtus Nudy v Brne. 

Mužeme se nedockat (oríšek pro lingvisty), že Vás tam uvidíme a Vy nás snad uslyšíte a to vše v krásných prostorech Staré tkalcovny v 19:00. Na vedomost se dává, že si je tým této úžasné kapely vedom, že za takový výkon si nemuže ani nic úctovat, takže to vlastne je prý zadarmo. Nicméne, kdyby Vás nám bylo líto, uvítáme alespon ovoce a lušteniny. 

Prápadné dotazy na to, jestli autor tohoto clánku je pri smyslech, predem odmítáme. 


Please come to my!!

Venue: Stará Tkalcovna

Bratislavská 52, 60200 Brno, Czech Republic


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Zubštejn Casu 2017


We will be playing live at Zubštejn Casu 2017 on the 18th of August. We would love to see you guys there.  Zustejn casu is a place where time is completely different. It is a time to get in touch with nature, relax and get in tune with your inner self and appreciate those little things that makes us wonderful. In this Era where smartphones, internet and social networks have put face to face communication in the back seat. Come let us gather around, meet new people, enjoy amazing music and enrich each other's live by meaningful communication. Laugh a little. Be emotional a little. Scream, dance and shout a little.

Click on the event name above and join us. See you soon. One love!!

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Spring Acoustic Imperfectum


"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring" 

Hence, without further ado, Spring is here again, the young night shall be upon us and we shall find ourselves in need of a little out-of-the-ordinary chill out atmosphere to get our engines started again. Do bring your stunning self down to Marilyn Cafe and Bar where Lucky a.k.a LuckySings, a black singer who has lived in Brno for the past four years will be unveiling his art of good acoustic sounds with his crew.

You might cry, you might get goosebumps from the velvety vocals, maybe crack a smile, dance, kiss a total stranger, even a bit of drunken laughter is certain. A little mix of wine and music never killed anybody. Can't wait to see you guys there.

Vstup zdarma 
Rezervace 722 990 953 
Energy drink PITBULL

Tešíme se na Vaši návštevu team MarilynBarPub & LuckySings

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SLAM Poetry exhibice / BRNO / 5. 4. v 19:00


Breznovou exhibicí jsme v Brn? probudili jaro. Cítíte to? My ano, a proto budou v dubnu slamy dva! Poprvé se potkáme hned na zacátku dubna ve stredu 5. 4. Neváhejte a dorazte.

Slamují: Pan Fenek, Dejv Naslamkejv, Jan Binder, Jirka Jurá?, Toby Švédu, Martina Pavlíková, Harnach a Adam El-Chaar.

Hudební vystoupení: LuckySings

Vstupné: 90,- Kc (vstupenky pouze na míste)

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An Acoustic Valentine Concert in Brno


Roses are red

Violets are blue

I’m not super awesome with words,

But, we totally want you all to enjoy a romantic musical evening

So come down to Kentaur's Bar on Valentines day

With love songs and touching stories we will thrill you

Click |Here|  to attend event.

Feat.Guest Singer: Erica

Guest Pianist: Muller

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Come soak in an evening of Musical Explosion where Lucky unleashes velvety sounds of soul, pop and rock music with the amazing guitarist, Marek Fischer and the magnetic 5Letters2Flame rock band. 

It promises to be an amazing evening with performances that will send good vibes through your spine. Remember, without music, life would be a mistake.

Come watch a great performance that will take your breath away!

Entry: 50,-

Starts: 20:30

Date: 21.01.2017

Address: Opletalova 1, 602 00 Brno

Sign up for the event right here Musical Explosion v Musiclabu  We love you all!!

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Romantic Rock Concert live in Kentaur Bar & Barbershop


Hello lovely people. Do not miss out on a great experience at Kentaur Bar & Barber Shop on Marešova 184/8, 602 00 Brno this Friday, 16.12.2016 from 7:30 pm. LuckySings will be accompanied by the captivating 5Letters2Flame rock band to trap you in ecstatic musical limbo. Be there or be square!! Music is the voice of our faint heartbeats. We love you all!

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Once again,we are doing it for the cats.If you love cats please come around and save these lovely creatures. We will be performing in Prague this time, bringing you the best of our music repertoire. It promises to be an amazing evening with performances that will send good vibes through your spine. We will be performing during the first part of the concert and again much more later , so please be early if you don't want to miss out on all the amazing stuff. Watch out for our usual teaser video on our Facebook page. We would love to see you there. Come Join us! We love you all.

VENUE:Už Jsme Doma
ADDRESS:Uralská 6, Praha 6 Bubene?
** Just 5 minutes walk from metro station
TIME: 16:00
DATE: 28th September, 2016

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Live music at Kentaur Barber shop, Brno


A Golden evening with Lucky and Marek. Once again we will be coming together to set fire to that wow! factor within you all. Cutting across different genres of music, we promise to give you a live music performance that you will never forget. There will be lots of covers and a lot of songs from my upcoming album. Gracing the stage will be two female guest singers that bring out those hidden emotions and give you goose bumps. 
Don't forget to stop by on
Friday, 27.5.2016 at Kentaur Barber Shop, Maresova 8, Brno. It will for sure be a golden evening with golden voices to give you a thrill.

We love you all and hope to see you there.

Follow the event on Facebook too.

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Benefit for Cats in Brno on APRIL 2ND


If you ever felt your heart soften or miss a beat just by the sight of a plushy cat before or you have high regards for these lovely felines that have turned out to be part of our lives .Please do drop by to support and save a cat in danger.

Live music will be provided by LUCKYSINGS
Guitar: Marek Fischer
Vocal: Lucky
Venue:Envi café - ko?i?í kavárna
Time: 5pm
Address:Kolišt? 259/55, 602 00 Brno

"Let us save the cats."

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This is going to be my first gig in Brno ever since i have been singing and writing in CZ. In collaboration with my talented guitarist, Marek Fischer. I will be introducing a few of my own songs into the mix covers that will performed  that evening. I want to invite all you lovely people who have heard me sing before and those who haven't to come support and show us some love as it will be much appreciated. It is sure going to be a magical night.

Venue: Veronicaffe
Address: Gorkeho 85/42, Brno 602
Time: 6:30 -8:30 pm

"Let good music bring us together again"
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Lucky and his talented guitarist, Marek, will be performing live in Klášterec nad Ohrí at KLUB CHULIMANGA. We would be happy to have anyone living around here grace us with their presence. Come watch a great performance that will take your breath away!

"Let good music bring us together again"
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